Atronix provides solutions in manufacturing facilities, specializing in those dealing with plant automation, plastics manufacturing, and glass manufacturing. We help you control costs, ensure quality, and boost productivity with automation solutions.

Because of our high level of expertise, we have the flexibility to increase the efficiency of your operation whether you need a better solution for machine control today, or robotic work cells, part tracking, or material handling in the future.

Understanding that no two plants are exactly alike, our engineers will get to know you, your business, and your processes through lasting, adaptable business partnerships. Then, we will customize your solution to the specific needs and goals of your organization.

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We offer solutions like:

PLC Automation: We’ll install intuitive automation systems that are easy to control.

HMI/SCADA Solutions: Whether you use our own products, ZOE and ASCADA, or prefer to use commercial solutions, we can integrate the systems that best suit your needs.

Vision and other Sensor Applications: We’ll show you the most affordable way to automate error proofing and inspections for consistent quality control.

Robot Integration: We will integrate robotic palletizing/de-palletizing and other robot work cells into your equipment to boost productivity while reducing costs.

Safety Controls Upgrades: We’ll work with you to upgrade your existing equipment to meet newer, higher safety standards, which have risen significantly in recent years.

Machine Control: We will control any PLC- or PC-based machines including OEM or custom-built machinery and manufacturing lines.

Part Tracking: We can track your parts with barcode scanners, cameras, or RFID tags to ensure that you know where your components are throughout the process.

Documentation: With clear, easy to follow schematics, our documentation gives your maintenance team the information they need to make better decisions more quickly.

Contact us to see how a partnership with Atronix could strengthen your operation.