Atronix is an industry leader with decades of experience in the realm of control and information in the logistics environment.

When you’re running a distribution center or a hub for post and parcel, efficiency is everything. You need to move the most product in the least amount of time, which means that you need to have the highest level of control over your system. Atronix has decades of experience working with distribution centers as well as post and parcel, baggage handling, e-commerce, and warehousing operations. Trust us to work with your material handling equipment, integrating the electrical control system and providing a high level of control, visualization, and high-level decision-making capabilities.  

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Our engineers operate with a high level of flexibility, which means we are able to design, build, and implement custom systems. We will build the right control systems to meet your conveyor, sorting, and distribution requirements; we will ensure communications throughout your system so that your system runs smoothly; we will build and install the vision and robotic cells that best suit your needs; and we will execute and support your project with professionalism.

Atronix is an industry leader with decades of experience in the logistics industry, and is trusted by many household names and Fortune 500 companies. As a result, we have developed products that were designed with the needs of this industry in mind that are user-friendly and allow for faster deployment and a higher degree of flexibility and growth, while saving you money.

Our products include:

ADA (Atronix Distributed Architecture) - Our modular distributed architecture was designed for the widespread nature of logistics operations with simpler maintenance. As a result, deployments and expansions are simpler and faster, maintenance is safer, and uptime is increased.

ASCADA - Our Warehouse Control System (WCS) was designed for operations that may not need a full-blown Warehouse Management System (WMS), but still need a high level of functionality.

ZOE - Our zoomable HMI is easier to use, and allows you to see both a bird's eye view of your facility and up close views of specific areas so that you can troubleshoot more efficiently and effectively.

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Devices we control:

• High-Speed/Dynamic sortation
• Tilt-Tray sortation
• Dynamic Pick Modules
• Transportation/Belt/Accumulation conveyor
• VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) conveyor
• Servo-controlled gapping conveyor
• Spirals
• Vertical lifts

• MDR (Motor Driven Rollers)
• Camera systems and barcode scanners
• Weigh scales
• Print and Apply
• Status Displays
• Banding and Strapping
• Stretch Wrappers
• Robotic palletizers

Systems we interface with:

• WMS (Warehouse Management System)
• PTL (Pick To Light / Put To Light)
• RF (Radio Frequency) picking
• AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)

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