Features & Benefits

ZOE is a unique HMI that works for your whole team, allowing for:

Quick DATA retrieval for Upper-Level Management
• Custom dashboards monitor overall performance and trends
• All data is accessible right from your PC, assuming network connectivity.

More VISIBILITY for Operations
• More flexible: Zoom to see as much or little of the plant as desired, with no restrictions
• Better visibility and reduced clutter at higher zoom levels for situational awareness
• More useful: Relevant and trends & data appear when zoomed into particular areas

FASTER  Maintenance
• Bring the whole application right to the impacted area on a tablet
• I/O addressing and tag names right on the screen when zoomed-in
• Hyperlinks to device manuals right from the device layout

Zoe is:

User friendly, featuring:
• Semantic zooming - relevant data appears intelligently as you zoom in
• Mobile capabilities - pan, click, and pinch-zoom
• Familiar technology that is easy for operators to learn
• Minimalistic design
• Fully customizable according to your needs
• Symbols as well as color in device graphics to assist the color-blind

Able to integrate into your system
• Runs on desktops, laptops, and tablets
• Able to run on Windows and Linux
• No individual runtime licenses. Install on as many devices as needed
• Connects easily to SQL databases and PLCs
• Connects to most Ethernet/IP compliant devices
• Integrates seamlessly with ASCADA, Atronix’s middleware and WCS
• Development tools are built-in. Engineers can make changes to ZOE with development login privileges.