Features & Benefits 

ASCADA gives you more control by providing:

Everything needed to monitor and control your processes.

• Alarm management
• Scripting
• Middleware
• Audit logging of user activities
• Data logging
• System event logging

• Email alerts
• SMS alerts
• HTML and PDF Reporting
• Seamless integration with Atronix’s
HMI, ZOE, for process visualization

Outstanding flexibility and scalability.
• ASCADA is suitable for small projects and running your entire facility.
• A full suite of tools provides everything needed to build and deploy your ASCADA applications.
• ASCADA offers full vendor-neutral PLC connectivity.
• The MySQL database can be configured as standalone, one-way replication, or clustering.
• A fully customizable system.
• System allows for unlimited scripting.
• Engineers are able to write custom services on a Windows PC or Linux.
• Services are easily deployed and do not require anyone to be logged in to run.

Outstanding training and support for your team
• ASCADA users have free access to our video and document library—the same one that Atronix engineers use.
• Affordable, instructor-led training is available in person at our Atlanta office or online.

World-class reliability
• For high availability, ASCADA supports both warm failover and hot failover configurations.
• ASCADA also runs fine in a virtualized environment.
• ASCADA has been deployed for over 15 years with world-class reliability and stability.

Powerful security and protection
• ASCADA is secure. All communication is encrypted over the network.
• ASCADA is protected from all Windows viruses and malware if deployed on Linux.

Real affordability
• ASCADA installed as part of your Atronix project requires no license fee.
• ASCADA purchased as a commercial product is offered under affordable, server-based or site licenses.