Features & Benefits

By installing Atronix Distributed Architecture, you get:

Up to 40% cost savings on time and materials.
• Modular design eliminates long runs of wire.
• Compact design means less materials.
• Simple set up means you pay less during installation.
• Phased installation with no need for temporary controls.

A modular design that makes maintenance and expansion simpler, featuring:
• Localized connections and communications
• Simple troubleshooting and maintenance
• Seperately housed high- and low-voltage components
• I/O maintenance and troubleshooting capabilities without arc flash protection equipment
• A system that doesn’t require shutting down for modification
• Easy expansion capabilities that only require plugging in another panel
• Panels manufactured to UL certification standards

A more efficient facility.
• A power distribution panel carries 480V power to groups of ADA™ modules.
• Daisy chain power connections reduce power distribution home runs and expensive conduit and wiring.
• ADA modules are compact and flexible, so they can be mounted where they are needed without affecting the system layout.