What is included in the tablet version of a project?

Everything that is included in the desktop version! The full desktop version of the project also runs on supported tablets, allowing maintenance and operations to bring the full-featured system right to the impacted area and have all of the required tools at their fingertips.

What kind of information appears when I zoom into a particular area?

System layouts are very much customizable. But in a typical system, zooming into an “area” will cause any relevant charts and trends to appear as well as a representation of the control devices such as photo-eyes. Zooming further to the device level will typically display more detail such as manual controls, I/O addressing, PLC tag names, and links to product manuals.

What applications is ZOE suitable for?

ZOE is a fully customizable and can be used to visualize virtually any automated facility. While ZOE’s first deployments pertained to conveyor systems in distribution centers, it is equally applicable to all material handling, automotive, manufacturing, food & beverage, and process control. So long as networked devices are being controlled, ASCADA and ZOE provide you with the interface to visualize and control all facets of your operation.

What kind of devices can ZOE communicate with?

ZOE and ASCADA are built to communicate with the ever-expanding number of devices being brought online with the Internet of Things (IoT). Our architecture was intentionally designed to be vendor-neutral and fully customizable,

What are the licensing fees?

ZOE licensing is provided for free when it is purchased as part of an Atronix project, further reducing the total cost of ownership of an Atronix deployment.