How does ASCADA store my data?

ASCADA stores all relevant data in a MySQL database.

Is ASCADA secure?

ASCADA uses standard protocols for both database and PLC communications. If those protocols are not encrypted, then ASCADA must rely on the security of the local network. If the communication is over the Internet, VPN (Virtual Private Network) must be used.

For web service interfaces, ASCADA uses industry standard SSL encryption (i.e. HTTPS) if the web service supports it. If the communication is over the Internet, SSL must be used.

SSH (Secure Shell) for Linux or RDP for Windows is used for remote access to the server.


ASCADA is a full featured WCS (Warehouse Control System) with some WMS (Warehouse Management System) modules.

How can I access data that’s stored in ASCADA?

You can access ASCADA data via the ZOE HMI. This includes data views, dashboards and custom reports in either CSV or PDF format.

You can also access the ASCADA data directly using your own reporting tools via direct, read-only access to the MySQL database.

What if I want to make changes to the system myself either now or 10 years from now?

ASCADA ships with full, copyrighted source code for your long term asset protection. You are licensed to make changes to the system for that particular installation, but are not able to use the code at another installation or allow another company to access and make changes to the code.

Are there annual license fees for ASCADA?

No, there are no recurring license fees. There is, however, an optional maintenance agreement that can provide up to 24/7/365 support for your facility.