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Atronix is proud to support the REBOL community by being a primary code developer of the open source programming language. Our unique HMI, ZOE, is written using Rebol 3, so our programmers regularly contribute to the community. 

These builds below are the ones we use internally for our own software development. Recent improvements include enabling full Linux support for graphics and the clipboard, adding library access and implementing many bug fixes in the core interpreter.

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About Atronix

Atronix is the most trusted independently-owned systems integrators in the nation. We deliver reliable systems and solutions for all facets of industrial automation. 

Our engineers and project managers specialize in controls and information needs for the materials handling, manufacturing, post and parcel, food and beverage, and automotive industries.

Official Release (binaries) 
Linux (32-bit) 
Linux (64-bit) 
Linux (ARM v7 with hardware floating point support) Great for ODROID! 
Windows (32-bit) 
Windows (64-bit) 

NOTE: The upgrade function works and is the easiest way to check for and download new releases. 

The Atronix documentation for Rebol 3 is on our wiki.

Source Code
The Atronix REBOL3 source code, is at this github repository. 
The Atronix R3-GUI source code is at this github repository. 
The Atronix R3 MySQL driver source code is at this github repository. 

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