Atronix SCADA

Powerful middleware and Warehouse Control System (WCS) that can interface to all customer enterprise systems such as a WMS (Warehouse Management System).

An innovative middleware and WCS platform, ASCADA™ (Atronix Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) brings a new level of simple, scalable, and affordable flexibility to the controls environment. Its modular design is highly customizable and expandable, so you can access and analyze your data in the way that best suits your needs.

Whether you’re using it for a small project or in a distributed configuration running your entire facility, you get tremendous functionality at reasonable cost: when you use our software as opposed to another vendor’s you pay no license fee, and ASCADA ships with full copyrighted source code, which you can modify whenever needed.

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ASCADA communicates with all of your controllers and automated devices with ease thanks to an ever-expanding library of drivers. ASCADA stores all of your data in a database where it can be analyzed, dissected, and served up for various audiences. If it's connected, ASCADA can talk to it!

ASCADA offers many optional modules for intelligent decision-making. The modules that make up our WCS offering for warehouses and distribution centers  include the following:

• Voice pick interface
• PTL (Pick to Light / Put to Light) interface
• Status display interface
• AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) interface
• Palletizer interface

• High speed sortation
• Dynamic picking
• Cartonization
• Inventory management
• Wave management
• Weigh scale interface
• Print-and-Apply interface
• WMS interface

Additional modules can be developed according to your industry and facility-specific needs.

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Features & Benefits 

ASCADA™ gives you more control by providing:

Everything needed to monitor and control your processes.

• Email alerts
• SMS alerts
• HTML and PDF Reporting
• Seamless integration with Atronix’s
HMI, ZOE, for process visualization

• Alarm management
• Scripting
• Middleware
• Audit logging of user activities
• Data logging
• System event logging

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Outstanding flexibility and scalability.
• ASCADA is suitable for small projects and running your entire facility.
• A full suite of tools provides everything needed to build and deploy your ASCADA applications.
• ASCADA offers full vendor-neutral PLC connectivity.
• The MySQL database can be configured as standalone, one-way replication, or clustering.
• A fully customizable system.
• System allows for unlimited scripting.
• Engineers are able to write custom services on a Windows PC or Linux.
• Services are easily deployed and do not require anyone to be logged in to run.

Outstanding training and support for your team
• ASCADA users have free access to our video and document library—the same one that Atronix engineers use.
• Affordable, instructor-led training is available in person at our Atlanta office or online.

World-class reliability
• For high availability, ASCADA supports both warm failover and hot failover configurations.
• ASCADA also runs fine in a virtualized environment.
• ASCADA has been deployed for over 15 years with world-class reliability and stability.

Powerful security and protection
• ASCADA is secure. All communication is encrypted over the network.
• ASCADA is protected from all Windows viruses and malware if deployed on Linux.

Real affordability
• ASCADA installed as part of your Atronix project requires no license fee.
• ASCADA purchased as a commercial product is offered under affordable, server-based or site licenses.

Download the ASCADA brochure (PDF).


How does ASCADA™ store my data?

ASCADA stores all relevant data in a MySQL database.


ASCADA is a full featured WCS (Warehouse Control System) with some WMS (Warehouse Management System) modules

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How can I access data that’s stored in ASCADA?

You can access ASCADA data via the ZOE HMI. This includes data views, dashboards and custom reports in either CSV or PDF format.

You can also access the ASCADA data directly using your own reporting tools via direct, read-only access to the MySQL database.

What if I want to make changes to the system myself either now or 10 years from now?

ASCADA ships with full, copyrighted source code for your long term asset protection. You are licensed to make changes to the system for that particular installation, but are not able to use the code at another installation or allow another company to access and make changes to the code.

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Are there annual license fees for ASCADA?

No, there are no recurring license fees. There is, however, an optional maintenance agreement that can provide up to 24/7/365 support for your facility.

Are Atronix systems secure?

Atronix focuses on SCADA cybersecurity as a top priority. We approach the issue with a comprehensive approach which begins with proper network architecture and network segmentation which may include firewalls, DMZ's, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The architecture is supplemented with SSL encryption such as HTTPS for ASCADA web services, and multi-tiered login levels for ASCADA and ZOE. The implementation should be supplemented by an ongoing plan to apply software updates, monitor the status, and educate users for proper usage and security. Trust the experts at Atronix to work with your IT department to install a system that is safe and secure.