ADA Build-A-Box

Introducing ADA Build-a-Box™ the new standalone unit you can buy direct from Atronix.

Need to add or reconfigure a manufacturing line? With Build-a-Box, you can now order a ADA conveyor line controller directly from Atronix. (It’s like ordering just what you want from a restaurant’s à la carte menu – without having to buy a big meal.) We customize the unit to your line, and it’s flexible enough to change with you as your needs change.  


Features or ADA Build-a-Box

• A pre-engineered ADA solution that will run:

• 18 motor driven rollers
• Six 3-phase motors (3 of them driven by variable frequency drives)
• 48 flexible inputs or outputs
• 16 motion or safety outputs that will not function while the system is E-stopped
• One E-stop PB using the patented E-stop system (more are optional)

• A I/O and safety enclosure touch-safe for ease of troubleshooting
• I/O protocols include Profibus-DP, CANopen, Modbus-TCP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and Ethercat, with additional options of Sercos and Powerlink
• Two motor starter enclosures (more are optional) mounted to your conveyors with anti-vibration pads to prevent small shocks from loosening wires and control cards

Benefits of ADA Build-a-Box 

• Available directly from Atronix
• Saves up to 40% on time & materials
• Compact design saves space
• Modular unit eliminates long runs of wire
• Simple installation and reinstallation

• Easy to adapt as your needs change
• Designed for low maintenance
• Easy plug-and-go expansion options
• Powered for facility efficiency

Is ADA Build-a-Box right for you?

Find out with a free phone consult. To schedule yours, call or email.