Atronix Distributed Architecture

A modular distributed architecture that is cost-effective, space-saving, and easily maintained.

ADA is our unique approach to system control, design, installation, and commissioning. Instead of using a traditional central control panel, ADA uses a patented modular design that distributes the I/O and motor control where they’re needed throughout the facility.

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ADA offers the shortest lead times in the industry because it is pre-engineered and largely pre-built. The localized, modular design means that issues are easier to detect, and maintenance is safer, simpler, and faster. Choosing ADA will reduce  your total cost of ownership by as much as 40% with less design time, faster installation, and reduced downtime. And once your system is running, ADA is easier to maintain and expand than any other solution on the market.

Download the ADA brochure (PDF).

For information on how ADA can speed, simplify, and reduce the associated costs of your automated system, contact us or check out ADA’s other features and benefits.

Features & Benefits

When you install ADA, you will have a distributed architecture that is cost-effective, space-saving, and easily maintained. This  is how  we do it:

ADA reduces overall cost of ownership.

  • Installation time and materials reduced by up to 40%.

  • Localized design eliminates long runs of wire and conduit.

  • Phased installation means there is no need for temporary controls.

  • Greatly reduced design and engineering effort.

  • Simplified maintenance means less downtime.

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ADA’S design make maintenance simpler and safer.

  • Connections and communications are all localized.

  • Troubleshooting and maintenance are simpler and faster as the panels are nearby.

  • High and low voltage components are separately housed for safer troubleshooting.

  • The I/O panel is finger-safe and can be opened without arc flash protection equipment even when the system is running.

ADA grows with you, making expansion seamless.

  • If you are already one of our many ADA customers, we can deliver more ADA units when your plant’s automation needs change.

  • The overall system can keep running while certain sections are modified or expanded.

  • Expansion is easy and only requires plugging in another panel.

  • Additional I/O can be installed by technicians, with M12 plug-and-play connectors.

  • Panels are manufactured to UL certification standards.

  • A power distribution panel carries 480V power to groups of ADA modules.

 ADA projects are faster projects.

  • The design is pre-engineered, greatly reducing design time.

  • The hardware is pre-built, allowing for faster lead time.

  • Installation and commissioning can start earlier, while other areas of mechanical installation are still ongoing.

Download the ADA brochure (PDF).

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Is there a “main” central control panel?

No! The PLC, I/O modules, motor starters, VFD’s, and all required panel components of the control system are distributed in the small ADA™ panels, distributed throughout the facility.

Can I open the control panels while the system is running?

Yes! The control panels can be opened while the system is running, without requiring any arc flash protection equipment. Everything in these panels is 24VDC or less, and finger-safe. This allows for safe and easy troubleshooting without causing any downtime. Motor starter panels must be powered down prior to opening, or require appropriate protective equipment.

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What happens if I power off a motor starter panel?

A panel shut-down will only impact the local area and the motors that are controlled by that particular ADA module. The rest of the facility continues to run, minimizing the downtime and the impact of the maintenance.

What if my facility expands in the future?

Depending on the layout, adding a new area will result in adding additional ADA module(s) to control the new area. A new power drop and Ethernet drop will be required. Other than that, the existing system never needs to be stopped for the controls or electrical modifications! Typical downtime will only be as required for mechanical changes and testing.

Does Atronix perform the installation?

It’s up to you! Atronix’s installation team is fully qualified to perform the mechanical and electrical installation of all of the items that we provide. Atronix also offers site supervision for customers who would like to perform the installation themselves.

Are Atronix systems secure?

Atronix focuses on SCADA cybersecurity as a top priority. We approach the issue with a comprehensive approach which begins with proper network architecture and network segmentation which may include firewalls, DMZ's, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The architecture is supplemented with SSL encryption such as HTTPS for ASCADA web services, and multi-tiered login levels for ASCADA and ZOE. The implementation should be supplemented by an ongoing plan to apply software updates, monitor the status, and educate users for proper usage and security. Trust the experts at Atronix to work with your IT department to install a system that is safe and secure.


ADA Build-A-Box 

Customized modular systems now available for direct purchase.

With Build-a-Box, you can now order ADA panels directly from Atronix for whatever project you have in mind. ADA can be used for any electrical control application from material handling to manufacturing.

We customize the panel sets to your exact specification, and ADA is flexible enough to change with you as your needs change.

Sample ADA Build-a-Box configuration for a conveyor control application (approximately $10K).

  • 18 motor driven rollers

  • Six 3-phase motors (3 of them driven by Variable Frequency Drives)

  • 48 flexible inputs or outputs

  • 16 motion or safety outputs that will not function while the system is E-stopped

  • One E-stop PB using the patented E-stop system (more are optional)

  • An I/O and safety enclosure (touch-safe for ease of troubleshooting)

  • I/O protocols include Profi bus-DP, CANopen, Modbus-TCP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and Ethercat, with additional options of Sercos and Powerlink

  • Two motor starter enclosures (more are optional) mounted to your conveyors with anti-vibration pads to prevent small shocks from loosening wires and control cards

Benefits of ADA Build-a-Box 

  • Available directly from Atronix

  • No proprietary hardware

  • CAD drawing templates included

  • Compact design saves space

  • Simple and fast installation and reinstallation

  • Easy to adapt as your needs change

  • Designed for low maintenance

  • UL listed

  • SIL 2 capable with SIL 3 as an option

Is ADA Build-a-Box right for you?

Find out with a free phone consult. To schedule yours call 770.840.4045 or email